When we explain what Marie Sharp’s Exotic Sauce tastes like, people often say, “oh, it’s the same as HP…. or it tastes like A-1” … It may look the same, however, take a look at the ingredients.
Marie Sharp’s Exotic Sauce has no water, no juice extract, no caramel, no chemicals, nothing artificial.

Health benefits of Exotic Sauce Ingredients:

*All the ingredients are listed in order from most to least
  • Green Mango -Rich in Vitamin A, C, helps ease digestion
  • Tamarind -Anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory
  • Raisins -Loaded with copper, iron + multivitamins. Good source of fibre.
  • Ginger -Aids digestion lowers blood pressure
  • Habanero Pepper -Lowers cholesterol, antioxidant, rich with vitamins

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